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Daniel Bouskila


We are proud to introduce team member Daniel Bouskila he has extensive experience operating in the toughest terrain on the planet.

Having dealt with every aspect of expedition planning and preparation he is a valuable asset to any team, having worked alongside military personnel and dedicated teams helping accomplish some outstanding feats.

Explorations include summiting the virgin peaks of the Eastern desert, the high unclimbed peaks of the Tien Shun range.

Has also led Survival expeditions on the desert islands of Micronesia, Polar survival (Cold response training in Norway.

He is currently organising major operations in Polar regions, Borneo and the Himalayas and is always looking to take others out of there comfort zone and off the beaten track!

Through hardship, friendship is built through friendship great things are accomplished.


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Steve Forrest

My name is Steve Forrest, I’ve been a keen outdoorsman all my life starting with my father who was also a survival expert. The things I’ve learnt from different tribes and cultures has helped me in my journey through life, not just making fires and shelters but the survival instinct and the ability to understand the things around me. Of course spending 23years in the Infantry has made good use of all the skills and kept them tuned.

I’m also keen at all adventure sports from mountaineering and rock climbing to yachting and canoeing. I think it’s just in my blood to be out there enjoying life on our tiny planet. You can watch it from your sofa and wish it, or just get out and do it.

The next big challenge I see in my life is The Borneo Challenge. Crossing mountains through the roughest terrain the world has to offer, with poisonous everything, some not even discovered yet. A true adventure, not a package holiday… Come if you dare.


Liam Scott

Liam works extensively in the U.K, and abroad, as a Ascent Explorer mountain bike guide and mountaineering expedition leader, in Asia (Nepal, Kyrgyzstan), South America (Argentina, Ecuador, Peru), Africa (Morocco, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia), North America, Canada and Europe (Slovenia, Germany, Spanish Sierra Nevada, the French and Spanish Pyrenees, Majorca, Norway and the French, Swiss, Austrian and Italian Alps).

To compliment his practical leadership experience he holds academic qualifications (BA in Management, PGC in Outdoor Education and MA in Outdoor and Experiential Learning) and professional and national governing body qualifications in summer, winter and international mountain leadership, the Mountain Bike Leader Association level two tutor award, British Canoe Union coaching awards and mountain first aid qualification. He has been instrumental in the development of mountain biking leadership and skills development and has appeared and contributed features that have been published in mountain bike magazines such as What Mountain Bike, MBR and Singletrack.


Kevin Gordon

My name is Kevin Gordon and my passion is for the out doors whether it be a rainy day in Wales, a sand storm in Egypt, or spending time up a mountain at altitude. I have had the privilege of spending a substantial amount of time with the Royal Marines where I found my passion and will power to push through the hard times. I enjoy working with people of all abilities and accomplishing feats that they once believed they could not accomplish…with plenty of banter along the way of course!

Having relocated to the Cornish coast 10 years ago, today I spend a lot of my free time kayaking, rock climbing and cycling along the many miles of breath taking coastal paths.

It isn’t always about how much you can handle BEFORE you break, it’s about how much you can handle AFTER you’ve been broken.




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