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Sahara, Morocco, Desert rat challenge

The Desert Rat camp will test your physical and psychological limitations, you will be taken into the heart of the Sahara where you will learn to be self sufficient. You will survive and operate as a team, travelling through the Sahara. You will learn what is really important in life, this expedition will take you back to your raw self. The foreign legion train and operate here calling it rebuilding, you will be rebuilt but first you must be dismantled !  

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UK Survival Training

Join our group of intrepid explorers on one of our highly informative and hands-on survival training weekend experiences within the UK. Get back to basics; learn and experience how to survive in the wild with Ascent Explorers.Discover how our ancestors, the military and indigenous tribes today manage to survive in the harshest locations on the planet. You will get hands on experience of Game preparation. Building your own improvised shelter You will be taught the different techniques used to make fire How to clean and purify water Set in a private forest.

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Scottish Winter Mountaineering

Scotland’s mountains offer a wealth of options for some extraordinary days out. Whether you want to summit the highest point of the UK Ben Nevis, or you want to get far away from the crowds on one of our more isolated peaks, we would be happy to plan & prepare to help you achieve your aims. Small groups usually work best for a hill day, but we are happy to discuss arrangements for larger parties such as sponsored walks or other events. Costs are based on the number of staff required, so a group of 4-6 walkers makes a day out very affordable. Our Scottish Winter Mountaineering introduction weekend is perfectly suited to those without previous mountaineering experience in winter conditions and aimed at people keen on getting out in the colder months.  

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Welsh Peaks

Snowdonia is a great training ground for anyone wanting to improve there fitness work on skills or just appreciate the breathtaking views, our itinerary is designed to take you out of your comfort zone helping you realise your potential and what you can achieve with good guidance and some can do attitude, the routes are unlimited and require different techniques and skill level, we will help you hone the fundamentals helping you gain confidence in your own ability, we have some great challenges feel free to inquire.  

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