Eastern Georgia – Mt. Kazbegi – 5047m

This expedition will take you through a trekker’s paradise; known primarily for the iconic Mt. Kazbegi. The region is a stunning mix of tundra and high mountains with a feeling of wilderness like no other. You will enter the region of Kazbegi National Park as you embark on one of the most stunning climbing routes in the Caucasus. Your end goal is to summit Georgia’s third highest mountain – Mt. Kazbegi, at 5047m.  This route is not for the faint-hearted with steep accents, glaciers crossings and a final climb to the summit of this mammoth peak.

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Eastern Turkey, Doğubeyazıt, Mount Ararat (5,137m)

Mount Ararat is a snow-capped volcanic cone, located in extreme northeast Turkey, ten miles west of Iran, and 20 miles south of Armenia. A smaller cone, Little Ararat (12,877 ft.) rises just southeast of the main peak. The noble mountain rises in isolation above the surrounding plains and valleys, providing an extensive panorama for those who climb it. Ararat is a holy mountain.

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Egypt, Hurghada Eastern Desert Mountain Range Exploration

The RSM exploration is very special, this is what adventure is all about. Venturing out into the deep desert, we will head towards the eastern desert mountain range where we will climb untouched peaks and explore un-trodden routes. Using 4x4 jeeps and supported by the local knowledge of the nomadic Bedouin, Ascent Explorers will make the most of your time, making history in the process!

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Island peak Himalayas (6189m.)

Island Peak at 6173m is a real Himalayan summit and the views from the top are acclaimed as some of the best in the whole Himalaya. This expedition combines climbing Island Peak with the classic Everest trek ensuring you are well acclimatised to take on this challenging ascent.

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Russia Mt Elbrus 5,642 meters

  • Elevation: 18,510 feet (5,642 meters)
  • Prominence: 15,554 feet (4,741 meters)
  • Location: Caucasus Range, Russia. On the border of Asia and Europe.
  • Coordinates: 43°21′18″ N / 42°26′21″ E
  • First Ascent: 1874 by Florence Crauford Grove, Frederick Gardner, Horace Walker, Peter Knubel, and Ahiya Sottaiev (guide).

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Garhwal Himalaya, India, Mt Saife (6161m) & MT Thelu (6002m)

Saife Peak and Thelu Peak provide a breathtaking introduction to Himalayan climbing in a spectacular setting high above the sources of the Ganges in the Garhwal range.

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Philippines,Palawan West Nalaut Island Survival expedition

Desert Island Survival expeditions (Micronesia & the Philippines)
These Island locations have been hand picked to provide a genuine experience, giving you a true stranded on a desert island experience.
this is real survival! isolated without food water or shelter you will truly be put to the test, the islands we use have lush foliage from Coconut Palms to Almond trees & Bamboo the raw materials are there but can you harness them?
We use the latest in Satellite phone & (PLB Systems) Personal Location Beacon. to keep our groups safe this is now as standard on all the expeditions I run.
"your in safe hands."

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Kilimanjaro trekking Expeditions Machame route

Kilimanjaro is Dormant Volcano and among winners of 7 new Natural wonders Africa. Natural attractions seen at Kilimanjaro are Coffee plantations at lower slopes, natural forest, wildlife, birds, waterfalls, volcano rocks, glacier and snow.

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Cold Fox: Lake Baikal full 600 km traverse

  379 mile Ultra-Marathon. The event takes place on Lake Baikal, the deepest and oldest lake in the world. In winter the average temperature is -19 °C (-2 °F) and the lake surface freezes over. It’s upon this that the runners will run their race starting at Irkutsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia

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Ladakh Wilderness Expedition 2015 + easy 6000Mts Peaks

This is the Land of Himalayan high altitude nomads and the rare Himalayan wild life The vast Central Asian grassland, birthplace of Genghis Khan and the Mongols, stretches almost continuously from the rolling steppes of Mongolia, into the high Tibetan plateau and then south into north-west India.  The Indian grassland is known as the Rupshu.  As in Mongolia and Tibet, it is the home of nomadic Buddhist herders: the Changpas, Kharnakpas and Korzokpas.  These nomads migrate between winter and summer pastures with their yaks, sheep and pashmina goats.  Their land is unremittingly high but varied: treeless plains, huge snow covered mountains, high passes, turquoise lakes and grassy valleys cut by clear, glacier-melt rivers.  Dr Chris Curry, Steve Amstutz and Geoff Bartram, veterans of hundreds of Himalayan treks and climbs wrote to Indian Himalayan Excursions after their 2010 Rupshu crossing: “(it was) as amazing a trek as we have done.  It is difficult to find such beauty, variety and remoteness with so few trekkers in the Himalaya these days.  The wildlife was exceptional: Tibetan blue sheep, marmot, pika, hare and wild ass (kyang) in large numbers as well as wolf, black-necked cranes, bar-headed geese and our first sighting of snow leopard. Made ascent to few easy 6000 Mts. Peaks, we trekked with Changpa horseman and spent wonderful times with their families.  It was a truly memorable month.”

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Mt Kazbek 5047 Meters

This expedition takes you to the highest peak of Eastern Georgia this lesser known Gem standing at 5047m it towers over the surrounding

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Arctic Lapland Survival Experience

In the winter Lake Inari freezes and this vast area of forest becomes truly polar, we have been to many arctic locations to find the perfect place to teach and hone extreme cold survival skills and to be able explore an area left alone by the tourists, this has everything we could want its even a prime place to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) Over the duration you will build emergency shelters & bedding, make fire using materials from the surrounding Birch and Pine forests, filtrate and purify your own water and hike through some of the most pristine pine forest in the world.

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Western Sahara trek

The Sahara possibly the most famous desert terrain on the planet, rich with history and laden with some of the most compelling stories of  survival & feats of endurance. You will be driven from Marrakesh over the high passes of the Atlas mountains we will then plunge down into the outskirts of the Sahara past the last out posts of civilization and into the deeper regions of this awe inspiring place,  then your journey begins supported by our Ascent Explorers leader, the Berbers and their camels we will wild camp under the stars and navigating our way across some of the most impressive sand dunes in the desert.

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Peru: Inca Trail Trek + Pisco Climb 5,752m

The Inca Trail is by far the most famous trek in South America and is rated by many to be in the top 5 treks in the world. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, is one the most popular trek in the Andes, Peru and the the world. What makes inca trail trek so special is, its richness biodiversity, the stone made trail, the archaeological sites along the inca trail, unforgettable views, snowy mountains, cloud forests and the natural beauty of the inca trail to machu picchu. The trail has exotic vegetation including more than 300 varieties of Orchids. the inca trail presents extraordinary ecological variety, and machu picchu itself cannot be fully understood without the experience of the inca trail trek. Its principle sites are ceremonial in and multifunctional character, in ascending hierarchical order as you near the city.

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Three Peaks Climb – Cordillera Blanca Peru

Tocllaraju Climbing – Climbing Tocllaraju 6,030m is a nice and hihg mountain, this mountain needs a good acclimatizing , we recomend first climb small mountains to get a good acclimatizing, after that you can climb this mountain. Ishinca valley has three mountains Urus 5,490m, Ishinca 5,560m and Tocllaraju 6,030m, if you need acclimatizing you can climb first Urus, then Ishinca and last Tocllaraju. These mountains are excellent to climb because they take in different technical degrees.

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Huayhuash Mountain Range Trekking

Usually the hike around the cordillera Huayhuash begins in the city of Chiquian (3,400 m.) 111 km. south of Huaraz . This little known route is one of the most beautiful and impressive trek. winds through such spectacular mountains as Yerupaja 6,634m. The second highest in the Peruvian Ande , Jirishanca , Siula grande made famous by the film ( Touching the Void ), Rondoy , Ninashanca and Rasac . This trail passes incomparably breath-taking lakes of crystalline water and tiny villages seeming out of touch with the rest of the world a wonderful recompense for those willing to venture of these paths.

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Borneo, West to East full recce

This expedition includes 2 intensive survival training weekends based in the UK instructed by veteran jungle specialists we will teach you how to behave and operate in this terrain giving you the confidence and capability to successfully achieve this mission.

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Sahara, Morocco, Desert rat challenge

The Desert Rat camp will test your physical and psychological limitations, you will be taken into the heart of the Sahara where you will learn to be self sufficient. You will survive and operate as a team, travelling through the Sahara. You will learn what is really important in life, this expedition will take you back to your raw self. The foreign legion train and operate here calling it rebuilding, you will be rebuilt but first you must be dismantled !  

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French Alps, Mt Blanc (4,810 m)

This is considered to be the normal route up Mont Blanc, and ascends in two stages, but it should not be under-estimated. On the first day the climb takes you up to either the Tete Rousse or Gouter huts. Two hours separate these two huts, and if you are worried about acclimatizing the Tete Rousse is preferable, though it is a longer day on the summit climb. From the Aiguille du Gouter, the route ascends over the Dome du Gouter and then to the Vallot refuge. Here the route meets with the Grand Mulets route to the summit. The final ridge is one of the most spectacular snow ridges in the Alps.

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Antarctica, Mount Sidley Expedition (4285m)

Impressive and exceptionally remote, Mount Sidley is to be found in one of Antarctica’s least traveled corners of it’s polar ice sheet making it a truly special place to visit. To date there have been very few ascents of this Antarctica’s highest volcano. One side of the mountains forms a huge caldera crater with a diameter of 5 km, with it’s internal walls forming a sheer one kilometer high cliff of ice. On the other side there are blue ice slopes that rise gently to the crater rim giving easy access to it’s summit. Sidley’s spectacular remote setting is a ‘must do’ for adventurous mountaineers in search of one of the most remote and unique places on earth!

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Indianian Himalayas Trishul III (6007m)

According to Indian Mythology Mt Trisul I, II, III are Lord Shiva’s abode in Garhwal Himalayas. It lies in the inner core of the periphery of the Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve. The peak derives its name from the Trident of Lord Shiva. The region receives 60 to 100 feet of snow in the winter.

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UK Survival Training

Join our group of intrepid explorers on one of our highly informative and hands-on survival training weekend experiences within the UK. Get back to basics; learn and experience how to survive in the wild with Ascent Explorers.Discover how our ancestors, the military and indigenous tribes today manage to survive in the harshest locations on the planet. You will get hands on experience of Game preparation. Building your own improvised shelter You will be taught the different techniques used to make fire How to clean and purify water Set in a private forest.

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Tibet, Mount Everest, North Ridge (8,848 m)

Join Ascent in what many describe as the pinnacle of mountaineering adventures, Mount Everest. Lead Sherpa Dorje has summit Everest 10 times making him a valuable member of the Ascent team, ensuring you're in safe hands!

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Scottish Winter Mountaineering

Scotland’s mountains offer a wealth of options for some extraordinary days out. Whether you want to summit the highest point of the UK Ben Nevis, or you want to get far away from the crowds on one of our more isolated peaks, we would be happy to plan & prepare to help you achieve your aims. Small groups usually work best for a hill day, but we are happy to discuss arrangements for larger parties such as sponsored walks or other events. Costs are based on the number of staff required, so a group of 4-6 walkers makes a day out very affordable. Our Scottish Winter Mountaineering introduction weekend is perfectly suited to those without previous mountaineering experience in winter conditions and aimed at people keen on getting out in the colder months.  

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