Palau Islands Survival Expedition

Would you have what it takes to survive?

Difficulty: Recruit

Palau Islands Survival Expedition

Would you have what it takes to survive?

This expedition is all about surviving on a “desert Island” are you up for the challenge?

Well here is your chance to something completely out of the ordinary, all of your creature comforts will be left at home you will be thrown in to the wild with a days intensive survival training you will travel from the mainland to a breathtaking idealistic Island surrounded by the vast Pacific ocean and here you will be forced to adapt and hone your skills.

Landing in Palau you will be ferried to your hotel where you will get time to relax and unwind you will then be briefed on the itinerary and the rules of the expedition.

You will then have a hearty meal and recommended to enjoy your last good nights sleep before having to make your own bed for real.

We will all be picked up early in the morning for high tide as the boats will take us over to our private island from here you will operate as part of a team and will be the only people living on this isolated place.

The landing day will be the time to get organised with some leadership from an a Ascent Explorers guide who will shadow the group and will make the final decisions if needed.  The guide will have links to a satellite phone and emergency contacts.  You will be briefed on the local wildlife what you can hunt and eat and what you shouldn’t hunt and eat such as Fish. Land mammals, insects, shrubs, fruits.

During the day you will be guided on what basic survival decisions and actions to take, after the training as a group you will have to survive on your own for the duration, can you do it?

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Requirements & Technicality

Requirements: You will be put into a real survival situation on a real tropical Island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, you will feel isolated and will have to make you own fire, clean your own water make your own shelter collect your own food, it’s hard work and day by day it will get harder, so you will need a positive mental attitude and have the drive to get things done, that will see you to the end!!

Acknowledgement of Risk: Ascent Mountaineering recognises that outdoor activities undertaken with a risk of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

Ascent Explorers will not be held responsible for death, personal injuries, accidents or loss or damage to property or belongings that may occur to a client, or any person attending a walk or event, during that event (except in the case where death or personal injury are caused as a result of the negligence of Ascent Explorers).

Technicality: The skills needed for this expedition will be taught before you land on the beach, you will also have the option to join the team in Bath UK for a weekends intensive survival training weekend at a reduced cost.

We use the latest ACR (PLB) systems or Personal Location Beacons if the worst happens you will be picked up ASAP, you will be equipped with a group Satellite phone and backup batteries, this is now a standard on all our expeditions enabling us to provide an outstanding service keeping our teams safe.


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Our Photographer And Photography
Ascent Explorers photographer joins us on many of our UK tours and training programs to capture group images through the program duration. A selection of images are shared on social media sites such as Facebook (please inform us if you individually prefer this not to happen) Digital copies, prints are available upon request.
Through hardship, friendship is built. Through friendship, great things can be accomplished.


Day 1 : we will arrive on the mainland and make our way to the Hotel to unwind and prepare for the expedition, you have your welcome meal  and you will be debriefed after this you will be told to get your head down and appreciate your soft bed for obvious reasons.

Day 2 : We will be up early for breakfast and shuttled to the docks where we will catch the high tides to the island upon landing on the beach, it is possible you may  have to swim ashore depending on the location of landing,  you will then be pointed in the right direction and helped make some fundamental decisions, after this you are on your own for the coming days.

Day 3 – Day 12 : Now its time to find out can you survive thrive even,  it will all come down to resolve, tenacity, persistence, determination and team work.  good luck!

You will be surprised how fast you will adapt when you have no choice.

Day 13 : You will be picked up from the beach and ferried back to a luxury hotel well it will be luxury compared to the nights on the island, where everyone will eat and drink and celebrate surviving the island!

Day 14 : Time to go home we will travel back to Palau’s main airport and fly back to the UK.


It is not Asia nor Australia. here is a short lesson:‏
Pacific ocean is a mass of water above the Pacific tectonic plate. Palau is the area where the pacific tectonic plate collide with the Philippine plate and resulted is a raise of the plate above the sea.  and the sea here as deep as 10,000 meters
we are part of the western islands of Micronesia. the Pacific Ocean is divided into 3 etnical groups: in the east POLYNESIA (in Latin many islands). in the center MELANESIA (Fiji, NZ, Vanuatu, Solomons) which mean in Latin BLACK ISLANDS. in the west the group is called MICRONESIA which is SMALL ISLANDS


“For Palauans to be able to appreciate their surroundings and to take care of Palau,” Noah says, “I think they need to have that connection with environment, to have that sense of being part of it. In Palau, if you grow up in the village, everyday you have some activities relating to your environment. You may be swimming, you may be going fishing, or you may be in the forest collecting firewood. Throughout that time you’re always making observations, engaged in ways of knowing the environment. I think that’s what gives a Palauan a sort of sixth sense that allows them to be really in tune.”

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Expedition Checklist

Services Included

  • Hotel nights
  • Hotel Meals
  • Transfers between airport-hotel
  • British expedition team leader
  • Boat transfers to Island
  • Emergency Satellite phone
  • 24 hr personal Emergency standby boat
  • Emergency dingy
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Basic survival tools
  • Island permits for stay & hunting

Services Excluded

  • Personal Kit
  • International flights & taxes.
  • Personal medical and evacuation insurance
  • Personnel expenses

Prices, Booking and Terms & Conditions

The total cost for this expedition is £2250 and a deposit of £450 is required to secure your place. For further information concerning our Terms and Conditions, bookings and cancellations, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page (Opens in new window).

Need help? Call: 0208 500 3323 or 07967 589289 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm GMT)

Participation & Accuracy Statement

Ascent Explorers recognises that climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. Although it is our intention to operate this itinerary as printed, it may be necessary to make some changes as a result of flight schedules, climatic conditions, limitations of infrastructure or other operational factors. As a consequence, the order or location of overnight stops and the duration of the day may vary from those outlined. You should be aware that some events are beyond our control and we would ask for your patience.

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