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Olsen Nussbacher on Dec 9, 2013.

Great weekend trip to Snowdon, well organised, lots of fun and awesome people. Enjoyed the trip very much and will definitely be back for other trips! Can’t wait! Thanks Dan!

Mónica on Dec 10, 2013.

I thought I’d explore another trekking group and I cannot say how much I enjoyed this trip to Snowdonia. The company was superb, from professional clowns, to hilarious conversations, and breathtaking views. Daniel’s approach is very flexible and it suited what I was looking for, which is ‘phototrekking’ while enjoying fun people. Thank you and I will definitely repeat.

Jing on Nov 5, 2013.

Well organised & lead trip to Mount Toubkal in Morocco, good spirt and laugh in the team. highly recommend to anyone

Wanda on Oct 28, 2013.

Our trip to Morocco was amazing, and the trek the best you can imagine. The local guide and organisations were top, including food, activities and all the accommodations. We have a demanding tempo in our very fit group, lots of laughs and good chemistry within the group where everyone was helping one another.

mohammed miah on Oct 23, 2013.

While many travelers are most familiar with Morocco’s imperial cities, the country’s majestic mountain ranges warrant a visit from anyone who appreciates a scenic landscape. As Ziggy said it, pictures doesn’t do justice, our guide Abdul (good good, and Yes) with Dan and Steve were excellent, didn’t want to come back. Our group were fantastic special mention to new friends Ziggy and Kayleigh, James (joker in the pack, wouldn’t have been same without you bud), and we have Zing, wanda and Dion. By the way, I was the ONLY one who made the summit others puked up on the way, no match for me.

james constantinou on Oct 22, 2013.

MtToubkal was my second international exception with Ascent Mountaineering having done Egypt earlier in the year which set high standards for morocco. For my second trip i bought my brother Dion along with me who had done breacon beacon in wales and loved it. We where joined by Kayleigh,Steve,Moo,Wanda,Gene, the notorious Ziggy and of course BIG DAN himself. The week i spent with these characters was a experience i will never forget (although i will try counselling and a strong prescription) the banter and chemistry of the group was terrific and i thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s army/sas teaching’s on how to track your target, finding your navigation and survival training. Through the villages and towards the peak we bonded and formed a real team unit and i couldn’t of wished to be with better people, i have a group picture i will frame as a memorabilia to go next to a painting of Kayleigh yielding a sword on the back of a unicorn i did earlier today. special mention to Paul who was missed

Will Davies on Aug 20, 2013.

I had an excellent time with Ascent in the Peak District. Dan is very knowledgable, a great laugh and prepared to let everyone have a go at navigating the route. Dan took us off the beaten path on routes I would never consider going by myself. He even found us a great spot to do some wild camping on the second night. The group we had was small, intimate and we all got along really well. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. If you’re looking for some great banter and an eye opening hiking adventure I highly recommend giving Dan a call.

Tracy Ballinger on Aug 19, 2013.

Dan was a great leader- very personable and fun and took us off the beaten path, which was excellent.

jeremy starling on Jul 4, 2013.

Very impressed. Dan and Paul are great guys, good fun, know their stuff and they challenge you. Highly recommended.

Jo Barker on Jun 24, 2013.

I highly recommend this group. I’ve just done the Peak District Hike & camping weekend and loved every minute of it. I felt really safe in their hands and the evening banter down the local pub was great fun also. Dan & Paul are awesome leaders and the members of the group were great to be with. Looking forward to doing another trip with them.

Chris James on Jun 4, 2013.

After a weekend in Snowdonia with these guys I can highly recommend this group. The whole trip was well organised and tailored to meet the groups requirements. I have seen previous comments complaining about the cost of their trips and having been on many other meetup trips there is a huge difference. These guys know what they are doing as are fully qualified mountain guides, first aiders and their experience shows in abundance from trekking all over the world. What you get from this group is a professionalism and experience which allows you to push boundaries further getting off the beaten track where safety is not compromised. Highly recommended and I have already signed up to another trip.

Chandni on Jun 2, 2013.

Wonderful guides 🙂

Dorien on May 6, 2013.

These guys are friendly as can be. They know their stuff and trips are well organised. They know the routes front to back, so no hidden surprises. On the whole they ensure the group is comfortable with the levels of walks and climbs before setting out on them. (If the group can and want to go a bit further they do, if the group wants to go home and have a cuppa, they put the kettle on.) Routes are chosen so that they include as many spectacular views as humanly possible. Remember: the views get better, the higher you climb. They seem to favour the rugged terrains though, so be prepared to get a tad muddy. Don’t be put off by the ‘extreme’ pics, this group is about sharing some amazing experiences and memories off the beaten track. Go on, join up!

Anurag on Mar 30, 2013.

Great! and are hosted by two experienced and very personable guys!

Mike on Mar 14, 2013.

Hi Ascent Explorers. My names Mike and Im 48. I have to admit I was not as fit as I could have been when I went to Egypt with these guys in February 2013 but I managed to keep up with some of the others in the group, it was real hard graft. Despite all that it was one of the best holidays I have ever taken. We lived in the Red sea desert for a week with the Bedowins who live there all the time. We were climbing, exploring and playing (running around in a sand storm) in a whole new world to me, living and working in london. It was a treet and the Ascent team i.e. Danny and Paul were very professional in their organization of the trip, but I also loved the way that we had the freedom to decide what we did and where, by group vote. I personally will never go on a `sit round the pool` holiday again and have signed up for Morrocco in September with Ascent. Can`t wait and this time I will be fit for it!!! Thanks boys look forward to meeting with you again.

Louis B on Mar 2, 2013.

Great group made of some great guys who really make a huge effort and spend vast amounts of their own time to help get people more involved and active and out of their comfort zone to participate in an exciting and culturally diverse range of events. One day you could be climbing a wall in London, and the next you could be learning survival skills from a veteran special forces trainer, to the next where you are climbing a mountain in remote Turkey followed by an exploratory venture into the unexplored realms in deepest Egypt and Morocco. I am well happy that they have finally made it to Meetup and looking forward to attending more of their quite amazing, fantastic and great value for money events. These guys are the real deal make no mistake. Get involved or miss out. Raghav Veteran Meetup Organiser London Indie Filmmakers London Social Elite Asians


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