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Lyle Brotherton on Navigation

Navigation training is an important aspect of all expeditions, and Ascent are proud to provide training videos for our users from our great friend, Lyle Brotherton.

If you aren’t familiar with him, Lyle Brotherton is a world expert in risk. He trains Search & Rescue teams worldwide and is the author of the revolutionary Ultimate Navigation Manual. Lyle’s day job is analysing threat in both extreme and everyday environments at a governmental level for both the British and American Administrations; he has been involved in on-the-ground analysis of incidents such as the Sandy Hook shootings, the 2011 Utøya Island massacre in Norway and the Pakistan Floods of 2010.

Furthermore, users of this website can get a 15% discount when purchasing Lyle’s book, The Ultimate Navigation Manual, via this link.

The Ultimate Paracord Bracelet
“Help Me” The Secrets of using a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) in an emergency/accident
“Help Me” The Secrets of using 112 on a mobile phone in an emergency/accident
Marking up maps using Chinagraph (grease) pencils and Marker Pens
Carrying and Storing Spare Batteries
Navigation Tips – Marking areas of danger using satnav (GPS)
Navigation Tips – Creating Radial Arms with the Sun to Navigate
Navigation Tips – The correct way to use Binoculars
Navigation Tips – The Brace Position
Setting up (configuring) a handheld satnav (GPS) for the first time
Setting up (configuring) the Track Log on a handheld satnav (GPS)
Creating and navigating to a waypoint using your handheld satnav (GPS)
Using Trackback on a handheld satnav (GPS)
Different types of satnav
Securing your navigation tools
Using timing to gauge distance travelled
Walking on a bearing
Taking a compass bearing from a landscape feature
Orienting a map to the landscape
Taking a compass bearing from a map

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